Promo and discount codes explained

Promotional Codes are entered into the section “Promo Code” on the main page or the “Promotional Code” field when searching accommodation types and dates. These are used to unlock hidden rates for which your booking may qualify.

Discount Codes are entered after the “Book now” or “Proceed to Checkout” buttons are pressed by selecting the “Redeem Discount Code” tab at the payment details section.

Please note promotional and discount codes are not valid with any other offer or discount (including Top Parks discounts) and unless noted otherwise they are only valid outside of school holiday peak periods, long weekends and till the  18th December 2020.

Please check back regularly as deals are removed and added frequently.

Promo Codes

Promo Code 1: “fifo” This is an unbeatable deal that won’t last long. For just $60 per night or $420 for a week you can secure either a motel unit, a motel lakeside unit, a duplex cabin or a 1 bedroom cabin for your week off in Perth. Deal is subject to availability, online only via our website and not during school holiday periods. Be quick!!

Discount Codes

Discount Code 1:Save5” Save $5 on any online booking (sites+cabins) year round

Discount Code 2:Save10” Save $10 on any 2+ night cabin booking

Discount Code 3:Save5%” Stay 2+ nights in a cabin and save 5%

Discount Code 4:Save10%” Mid week deal Sunday to Thursday. Stay 3+ nights in a cabin save 10%

Discount Code 5:Save15%” Mid week deal Sunday to Thursday . Stay 4+ nights in a cabin save 15%

Discount Code 6:Stay14” Stay 14 nights in a cabin, save 10%.

Discount Code 7: “Stay21” Stay 21 nights in a cabin, save 15%.

Discount Code 8: “Stay28” Stay 28 nights in a cabin, save 20%